omg baby.

since you don’t know how to use tumblr and you’re still sleeping, i’m gonna leave you something here c;
well love, you make me happy n.n; honestly happier than any other person ive met.
yeah, we’ve only known each other since November of 2011, and then we didnt start talking until March 2012.
♥ hehe. n.n

You’re so fucking amazing.♥ You really are n___n
I’m so fucking glad you’re in my life.
♥ If you weren’t…Our lives would be hella fucking different, and you know why>.<;

baaaaby♥ we’re gonna hang out tomorrow and tuesday;D

i love you bunches n____n


Anyone else thought whooper and quagmire were creepy? O.o how do I remember those names!? I havent played those games for six year =.= pokepower… Follow me for shit like this X3

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